Be in command on being prepared by Jim Bakker


"The wise see danger ahead and avoid it - but fools keep going and get into trouble." (Proverbs 22:3)



How many years have we been talking about preparing?  As the days grow more and more urgent, Lori and I have been stepping up on our preparations, looking for what we may be missing and stocking up on necessities for our family.



In Lori’s last blog she talked about all of the items you need for your car in case of emergencies.  Please understand that this is not just talk. We DO practice what we preach! We have spent years gathering information for our family and for you. Over a decade ago God asked me to help prepare you. He told me that Morningside would be a place for the prophets to come and speak out about what is happening in our world! We know we are living in the last days, we have studied the prophecies in the bible together and we all know that, like Joseph, we must prepare for what is to come!  



As I was walking around the house about a month ago I realized that we had our emergency items stored everywhere. I mentally went through numerous scenarios and realized that, in most of them, both Lori and I would be going room to room to gather the most pressing items! My wife is an organizer. She likes to be prepared and absolutely keeps our home running on organization. It came to me that for many of our items, we needed a command center.



We have been putting a lot of thought into what items we would need if an event took place that wiped out the power grid or if we needed emergency medical attention for someone when medical care is unavailable.



What would we do if we needed to know what was happening in our world when a disaster strikes?



We realized that for the most pressing items we needed a central command center stocked with essential survival items, The command center should be where everyone in your family knows where to go to find those immediate items for when the unexpected happens!



Being prepared is not only a physical thing, it is mental as well. When you can find the tools you need, you become mentally ready.Yes, we also need food and water and other day to day things. And I truly recommend that you keep those together in a secure location as well.



We know it is God’s calling to do all we can to help prepare you spiritually, and now is the time to get your family ready and prepared for what is to come!




Here is a list of some of the items we recommend you have for your own command center:



Survivor Command Center


  1. A Generator and all the parts that go with it. I highly recommend one that has a solar power option. We like to keep ours stored in a trunk along with the generator accessories.
  2. A Solar weather radio and/or shortwave radio. You will need information during a disaster and this is the best way to get it!
  3. Flashlights, charged and ready. You cannot have too many flashlights of all different kinds in my estimation! We prefer solar flashlights that don’t need batteries and can charge in the sunlight.
  4. Candles, Lori likes non-toxic soy candles the best. We have cases of candles and oil lamps.
  5. Small fire extinguisher
  6. A small tool kit that includes a small shovel, hammer, multi-use pocket knife, etc. This is just a small kit you will need heavy duty shovels and tools also! Just to make a bathroom you will need to dig holes!
  7. Books on first aid, survival, natural remedies etc. These all need to be in one area for quick reference. And don’t forget your Bible!!
  8. A good medical bag or kit.  At the very least, your command center must have a container with some emergency supplies.
  9. I also recommend a couple of containers you can fill with smaller items such as:
    1. Duct tape, actually I have cases of duct tape. if there is a volcano eruption you will need to seal up a safe room!
    2. Matches and lighters – in a waterproof bag.
    3. Folded up plastic sheeting
    4. A notebook containing important phone numbers
    5. Important documents such as identification and birth certificates
    6. Maps of the area
    7. Masks to protect you from dust and allergens
    8. Nylon Cord or Paracord, 550 lb. tested
    9. Solar powered phone charger
    10. A really good pair of scissors
    11. Extra set of house keys and car keys
    12. Work Gloves
    13. Whistle
    14. Extra batteries



I believe we are running out of time to get ready for the challenges that WILL be coming to America and all over the world! So many of our guests are prophesying the same things. Every show, as the information we receive ties closer and closer together, I cannot help but be in awe of God’s plans. All we must do now is listen and prepare.


In my next blog, I will be giving you a home preparedness list. Get your family involved! Remember that God gave Joseph time to get ready, just as he has for us! But the clock is ticking.


Thank you for your friendship!


Love, Jim




A message about basic preparations that we should be taking in these very dangerous days from John Shorey

Wise men see danger and get prepared

Be prepared for the Lord's glorious return!

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