Why I believe that the teaching of evolution should be a concern to all Christians...


Evolution is a teaching that greatly concerns me. I feel this way because it is a teaching that has led so many people who once had a strong faith in God, to losing their faith in God altogether after being exposed to evolution's teachings. I think it is possible to be a true Christian and still believe in evolution because I have known at least one person who believes in some form of evolution and yet I know that this person truly loves and obeys God. However, this person is a rare exception, and for the most part, the teachings of evolution do nothing but lead people's hearts away from God. The following excellent video gives strong proof that the teachings of evolution are spiritually destructive. This video gives a large number of examples of people testifying to the fact that the teachings of evolution either caused them to question their faith in God or it destroyed their faith in God altogether. Any teaching that has the potential to ruin so many souls and lead them away from God is not a teaching that any person who deeply loves the Lord should be promoting. We must be sensitive to a person's delicate faith as the Bible tells us and try not to promote any teaching that might cause a soul to stumble and lead them from the narrow path of walking with the Lord. I hope you will enjoy this excellent video and that you will pass it on to others.


F. A. Butler

Evolution is a teaching that has led so many to the deceptions of atheism and agnosticism. This video explains that sad fact.

Have you wondered why there is such an extreme push to brainwash the masses to fall for the belief of evolution? This short video will help you better understand what is behind this deceptive movement.

Some final thoughts from James Perloff...


"The Illuminati have long known that if you destroy belief in God, people will cease to fear God and to obey the Ten Commandments. They then become pawns of the Illuminati, willing to serve money instead of principle, and carry out iniquities from sexual misdeeds to even murder.

In the Illuminati propaganda arsenal, the greatest tool for destroying faith in God has been Darwin's theory of evolution. I know some say "I believe in evolution and God." Nonetheless, countless people have become atheists from being taught the theory as "fact" - I was once one of them.

However, Darwinism cannot be challenged on morals alone. The public has been told evolution is "science," on a footing with physics and chemistry. Therefore Darwinism must be challenged on scientific grounds.

As the author of two books on Darwin's spurious theory, I know one cannot discredit, in a few paragraphs, an idea which the Illuminati have spent millions to indoctrinate society with. But let's dent it, shall we?..."

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"Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Resist him, steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by your brotherhood in the world." (1 Peter 5:8-9)

For anyone who is having a difficult time understanding the true existence of the Illuminati and how the Illuminati fits in with the forming One World Government then please see the following article on our website called Illuminati EXPOSED!  Also, the following video should answer most of your questions concerning the Illuminati.  

The video will answer questions such as:

  • What does "Illuminati" mean?
  • What are these Illuminati or secret societies' "enlightened" or "illuminated"  deceptive goals and desires?
  • Were there Illuminati ever since the Garden of Eden and ancient times? (This is taught about in great detail from about 5 minutes to about 29 minutes of the video.)
  • How was the Illuminati strengthened in the 18th century? (29 minutes - 39 minutes)
  • When did the "illuminated" first officially choose to be known as the Illuminati? (The answer is on May 1, 1776. At this time an organization officially called themselves the Illuminati and opened its first lodge - see about 34-36 minutes of the video.)
  • How did the Illuminati super-powers of people continue to act and grow in power in the 19th century? (39 minutes - 43 minutes)
  • How did the Illuminati grow in the 20th century and how does this minority elite ruling class seek to control the masses? (43 minutes - 49 minutes)
  • What are some of the most powerful Illuminati organizations? (45 minutes)
  • What are some quotes from the Illuminati elite who admit to their evil Illuminati plans and goals to control the masses? (45 minutes - 49 minutes)
  • What is the Illuminati wickedly planning for the 21st century as they make their once-secret plans more and more open since the world is moving further and further away from true Christianity? (49 minutes - 1 hour and 5 minutes)

Please gain more awareness of how the Illuminati operates since they seek to control the economy, media, education system, entertainment, mainstream religion etc. in order to get control of people's minds and beliefs. This all leads to the ease of controlling people through the fast forming One World Government and eliminating the truths of God's teachings.  

God bless you richly,

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