YOU can be part of a Missions Team to help the NEEDY, WIDOWS, ORPHANS, and send BIBLES throughout the WORLD!

It is an honor to minister to the poor and needy!

Many of these needy people live in mud dwellings and get only $2 per day so they are very thankful for their free Bibles and food!

This church in Kenya is excited about their Swahili Bibles!

Very happy widows with their Swahili Bibles and food supplies!

The pastor was overjoyed with his new ministry bike!

This church in Kenya love to read their new Swahili Bibles!

This dear widow is blessed with corn flour!

Rice, sugar, and cooking oil!

Look at those beautiful smiles!

The widows in this church were very excited!

Thankful hearts are happy hearts!

This thankful woman cannot contain her joy!

Nothing could stop these widows from dancing for joy!

This church in Kenya rejoice about their Swahili Bibles!

The pastor is loving his new ministry-bike!

The people study their Swahili Bibles carefully.

What a glorious sight! Look carefully and you will see that they are thankful to have the Word of God.

The men and women of the church are busy reading their new Bibles.

What beautiful people with thankful hearts!

Joy at receiving her own Bible!

Loaded down with many blessings!

These ladies are loving their new Christian shirts!

Very happy with corn flour which is the main food of the region!

A young widow who was happy to get help!

This woman is very happy to receive her own Swahili Bible!

A day of great joy!

Happiness comes from sharing the word of God!

The children of the Kenya church are thankful for their bananas!

The children thank the Lord for His blessings!

Celebrating the Lord's blessings!

A very happy young lady who needed a Bible!

They love and cherish their Bibles!

One of the widows now gets her very own Bible!

Time to study the scriptures!

Many beautiful smiles on this day!

Free Bibles to those who really need and desire them!

Overflowing with real joy!

Praise God for His many blessings!

This young man is hiding the Word in his heart!

A blessing in their hands!

It is better to give than to receive!

This widow is so appreciative to have her very own Bible!

The pastor got blessed with a Bible and food which is much needed for his family!

Pakistan free Bibles, food, and Christian books project!

Imagine living where 97 percent are Muslims who despise Christians - they need our support!

Life is not easy for them and they really do appreciate the blessings of bibles!

These ladies are so excited to finally read God's word in their own language!

Most of the people work for extremely low wages so this food really blessed them!

Men in prayer and reverence to God!

The greatest gift we can give to man is a copy of the Word of God!

Excellent Christian books to grow in God!

Very happy mothers!

Teen girls now with Bibles to read!

Many came to this meeting to hear the Gospel!

Thankful hearts for Christian books!

Praising God for their own new Bibles!

Two happy mothers now have their own Bibles!

Brother Ejaz preaching the Gospel!

To God be the glory!

Some beautiful sisters in the Lord!

Seeking the face of God!

Blessed are the generous who feed the poor!

Pray for Pakistan!

Men who love Jesus and are not afraid to worship Him!

Happy faces glowing with thankfulness!

They can't hide their smiles - thanks for supporting the needy!

Making disciples!

These are our brothers and sisters in Jesus!

Glad to see the children blessed on this day!

Thy word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path!

A few people on fire for God can change the world!

Whoever is kind to the needy honors God!

They now have the sword of the Spirit!

This project reaches out to orphans in Burma!

Free Bibles for two Burma orphanages!

Rejoice with these dear orphans who have their own Bibles now!

Burma is only 6% Christians & 88% Buddhist - please pray for these dear orphans!

The pastor of the first orphanage with a joyful smile!

Blessed to give Burmese Bibles to children in need!

Many young people coming to Christ and loving His Word!

Praise God that these orphans have their own Bibles!

Even though Buddhists persecute Christians, God is at work!

Pray that these young people reach others for Christ!

This is the pastor of the second orphanage who is full of joy!

Young boys growing in the Lord and His Word!

Good and godly pastors work with these orphans!

We care for orphans because God loves them so much!

Let's rejoice with these young ladies!

Hallelujah - Praise God!

It's an honor to help those in need!

Singing to Jesus their Lord!

Defending the poor and fatherless!

Helping the Maasai Tribe in Africa!

What a beautiful smile!

What a precious lady loved by God and us!

They NOW have their OWN Bibles!

Jesus loves the little children!

Maasai Bibles that God has provided!

What a sweet look!

This is a great day for this church!

Maasai children were blessed with bananas!

What a precious little girl!

Holding their brand new Bibles - thank you Jesus!

Flour, rice, sugar, cooking oil, and bananas!

The future of the church!

A very happy brother in Jesus!

A very exciting and joyful day for pastor and family!

They now have their Sword! Hallelujah!

What a sweet child of God!

Oh Happy Day! Praise God!

A historic day and the pastor cried tears of joy!

Blessed are the hands that give!

A very happy young man!

A true day of rejoicing for these dear people!

They will use their Bibles to grow strong in the Lord!






You will be overjoyed by these fantastic pictures and see what GOD is doing in this young church!!!!! THEY ARE VERY THANKFUL FOR THEIR NEW SWAHILI BIBLES AND THE WIDOWS WERE SO EXCITED ABOUT THE FOOD THEY WERE BLESSED WITH AND THE CHILDREN LOVED THEIR BANANAS!! We have also sent this pastor many good gospel tracts, books and bible studies for his ministry. And you will see we gave the widows food, bibles, and Jesus T Shirts. They were very happy! This was a very exciting day at pastor Otanga's church which is a young church meeting in a school room.


Brother Kevin our co-worker sent this report.

"The day was so miraculous, they worship at Bwayi primary school in one of the classrooms. It was indeed a joyful Sunday. Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah! The rejoicing and noise level was very high in this service. It reached its highest when the 5 widows were called to get their free blessings of much-needed food items like corn flour, rice, sugar, cooking oil, etc They broke into a dance, dancing for the Lord for what they counted as marvelous blessings in their lives which they had never seen before. Nobody could stop them from rejoicing. One widow stood and testified how she had gone a week just surviving with drinks that were sugarless and sometimes just a cup of sugarless hot water could make breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She testified mercifully showing that the Lord had truly remembered her. Pastor Otanga was really amazed by his new Jesus-Bike that he was not aware of nor thinking about getting such blessings. The guest Pastor preached boldly about a calling from the Lord Jesus Christ in Mark 16:15."


Let us rejoice with them. It is an honor to minister to the poor and needy.

Thank you to those who pray for us and those who support these overseas mission projects.

This ministry is a "team effort" and we "greatly appreciate" your help.




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No pressure at all to give, just asking you to look at this pictures and consider helping. No donation is too small. Above all pray for these dear believers.
Brother David Cooke (Share this post as the Lord leads you)


Pictures like these motivate us to move forward with more 'bible projects.' So many in very poor 3rd world countries only make about $2.00 a day and in Kenya, most live in mud dwellings. Many need their very own bible in their language. These pictures really do inspire.


Psalm 146:9 - "The Lord preserves the strangers, he relieves the fatherless and widow."


Psalm 82:3 - "Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy."


For more updates on these Mission Work projects to help the needy, widows, and orphans worldwide by giving them Bibles, food, and clothing please see David C. Cooke's Facebook page:  


Thank you for your interest in these Mission Work projects and enjoy the following photo album!  After the Kenya project pictures, you will see inspiring photos from wonderful mission projects in Pakistan and Burma too!